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22, may 2018

Golf Pro Charles Goux

  1. Why have you chosen the Villa Padierna courses to practice your favorite sport?

The truth is, it’s a very easy choice. Villa Padierna is the best place to play golf on the Costa del Sol.

Charles Goux_VillaPadierna

  1. Which of our three golf courses is the best for you?

Alferini, without a doubt. It is a very complete course while competitive, which presents many challenges, which makes it very fun. Despite being a course that presents many difficulties along its 18 holes, it is possible to complete it and enjoy a pleasant day. It’s quite long, so in general, it’s like you’re playing alone, with no one behind.

In addition, Alferini would highlight its surroundings. It is completely integrated into the landscape, surrounded by beautiful vegetation and spectacular views of the Mediterranean Sea.

  1. As you just mentioned, Alferini is your favorite golf course. And if we talk about holes? (Alferini, 9 and 18)

A hole where I enjoy playing a lot is number 9. It could be terrible, very challenging, even sometimes I would say that it is an impossible hole to complete … on a windy day. These factors together with the fact that it is a very long course  that allows you to be alone, with no one, makes you enjoy the experience to the fullest.

As a pretty hole I would highlight the number 18, for its views of the sea and where you can see, on a clear day, Gibraltar. It’s a vey hard hole, but easier than 9.

  1. What makes the Villa Padierna golf courses a unique experience in Europe? Can you summarize your experience in the entire Villa Padierna complex?

Villa Padierna is a lifestyle, a way of life. It is an absolutely whole experience that combines a sport as exclusive as golf, with the best cuisine in such peculiar spaces as the newly opened Hole 55, the sea, the Palace Hotel … I think it is the perfect environment to enjoy life.

Charles Goux_VillaPadierna

  1. We are aware that playing golf in winter is a problem in many golf courses. What is your opinion of the maintenance and condition of the grass in of Villa Padierna?

Regarding the conditions of the three golf courses that make up the Villa Padierna Golf Club I would highlight, as I said before, the surroundings and above all its maintenance, everything is taken care of any detail, the nature, the trees … it is the paradise. The truth is I do not know how the green keepers do it, but everything is always perfect, unpolluted and no maintenance machine spoils your game. It is, simply, perfect.

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