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26, ene 2018

The best chocolate of the World: an exquisite gift for Valentine’s Day.

It is too hard to find someone who doesn’t love chocolate. This sweet, which its main ingredient is the cocoa, is one of the most desirable ambrosias and one of the best gift for gourmets. For a significant occasion as Valentine’s Day, at Villa Padierna we would like to help you to choose the best chocolate between an unusual selection.

After an exhaustive investigation we have the definitive guide of the most original chocolates of the world. Either for its complex elaboration process, the price, almost like a jewel, or because they include exotic ingredients hard to find, this is our TOP 5.

Delafee. This Swedish Company has bet to mix two elements very different to offer a sublime experience. They use “Grand Cru” chocolate from Ecuador covered with edible gold to elaborate delicious chocolate truffle. A jewel to eat!

Vosges Haut Chocolat. When we speak about innovation in recipes, they have the last word. In their ingredient list, we can find Macadamia nuts, coconut from Sri Lanka, Bulgarian rose water, chili chipotle or even smoked bacon. All of them mixed with chocolate! An extravagant gift that won’t let anyone indifferent.

Godiva. Belgium is well known to be the birthplace of important chocolatiers. When it’s time to choose the most traditional taste, Godiva is a good option. More than 80 years of experience support this family business that began creating pralines of high quality to continue making master chocolate pieces.

Chuao Chocolatier.  In a remote land in Venezuela, in the Chuao region growth the cocoa that this well-known chocolate brand uses in its creations. Its main objective is to transmit cheerfulness through the senses. Its philosophy is based in the nature and the artisanal work. These chocolates are free of preservative and color or taste additive.

Debauve et gallais. It is one of the most expensive chocolate of the world. “Le Livre Royal” is a gourmet chocolate commemorative box that includes creamy ganaches and praline carefully elaborated. The price? More than €1,150. Beside the chocolates, the box includes a book that narrates the story of the company from its beginnings to the present.



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