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Thermas Hotel

Slim & Detox

As we are aware of how excess weight can affect our lives and that it is the cause of many of our health problems, the professional team of doctors at Villa Padierna Thermas have designed a weight loss programme adapted to the personal characteristics and needs of each client, which is based on the Mineral-Medicinal properties of the waters of Carratraca and to be precise its high detox power.

This programme is suitable for people who are overweight, who are health conscious or simply anyone who wants to restore healthy eating habits. During their stay, patients will lose weight and volume thanks to combining diet, hydrothermal treatment, beauty treatment, physical exercise and a diet composed of organic produce.

Thermal Slim & Detox Cure 7 days2.547 EUR/per person
Thermal Slim & Detox Cure 14 days5.044 EUR/per person

The price of the stay is not included. Prices shown include VAT.



  • 2 x Medical consultation (3 included in the Intensive Programme)
  • 1 x Blood test
  • 6 x Thermal Circuit guided by a specialist (13 sessions included in the Intensive Programme).
  • 1 x Exfoliation in the Vichy shower (2 in the Intensive Programme).
  • 3 x Personalised Physical Activity (6 sessions included in the Intensive Programme). The Frederic Morlaix Fitness system is designed for everyone; his sessions basically consist in stretching and flexibility exercises. (App Store Cuatrofitness).
  • 3 x Bioenergy Massage by Piroche (6 included in the Intensive Programme). The Bioenergy drainage developed by Cosméticos Piroche, combines different products with numerous active ingredients, which cleanse the body and eliminate the toxins that accumulate due to a poor diet, environmental pollution and stress.
  • 3 x Jet shower (6 included in the Intensive Programme).
  • 1 x Algae wrap (2 in the Intensive Programme).
  • 3 x Aqua Massage (6 included in the Intensive Programme). The Aqua Massage is an underwater massage that is carried out in a therapeutic tub to eliminate liquids and toxins better.
  • 2 x Pressotherapy + bands (4 included in the Intensive Programme).The pressotherapy effect is enhanced by the active ingredients of the products used with the bands, to favour the elimination of toxins.
  • 1 x Anti-cellulite Massage (2 in the Intensive Programme).
  • 12 x Thermal Treatment Sessions (26 in the Intensive Programme).
  • 6 x Dietary Cure (13 included in the Intensive Programme) (full board ).