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Thermas Hotel

Special Thermal Health Therapy for the Respiratory System

Our body is constantly being exposed to toxins, heavy metals and pollution and these together with bad habits such as smoking gradually weaken the immune system and result in disorders of the respiratory system.

The sulphurous water is mainly recommended for  airway diseases and ear, nose and throat disorders, as it favours recovery in chronic inflammatory processes, such as chronic,  hypertrophic or atrophic rhinitis, pharyngitis; sinusitis, laryngitis, chronic bronchitis and asthma.  It is also a mucolytic agent, it improves the local blood circulation and it has anti-inflammatory, eutrophic and healing effects.

A team of specialists and doctors who use the therapeutic effects of the sulphurous mineral waters to treat the whole respiratory mucosa from the nasal cavities to the respiratory bronchiole and alveolar ducts, have come up with a specific therapy for those who suffer from respiratory diseases or who want to purify their body of pollutants.

Price 5 Days / 4 Nights1.310 Euros VAT Included/per person

The price of the stay is not included. Prices shown include VAT



  • 2 x Medical consultation
  • 1 x Blood test (Optional*)
  • 5 x Thermal water circuit. Steam bath. It is kept at 45º C, with 100% humidity so that it has a powerful relaxing, vasodilator effect and it is highly recommended for respiratory diseases. Mineral-medicinal water pool sessions, Circular shower, Hydromassage tub, Vichy shower.
  • 10 x Specific thermal water treatment. Inhaling: The steam of the sulphurous mineral water is recommended for respiratory diseases. It has the same type of effect on the mucosa as it does on the skin: it hydrates, dilates the blood vessels, cleanses and calms. Nebulizer water spray: This is complete thermal water inhalation treatment. This type of treatment consists in a dense mist of the thermal water, which is made up of countless tiny drops of mineral-medicinal water. This treatment is recommended for chronic upper and lower airway diseases.
  • 2 x Water Flow Sessions. With the help of a therapist, the patient’s body floats comfortably in a swimming pool with warm water while their muscles are massaged, their joints are moved, tissues are stretched, the energy channels are opened and the body is pleasantly rocked by the water. It is recommended for stress, chronic pain and sleeping disorders and to reduce laboured breathing and to control dyspnoea.
  • 2 x Relaxing Massage with eucalyptus essential oil 
  • 1 x Bioenergy Massage. The Bioenergy massage is carried out using a Lymphodrainer, a device from Piroche and its bioaromas, composed of active ingredients that help eliminate toxins.
  • 2 x Marble Bath with Eucalyptus Essential Oils
  • 4 x Nutritional therapy (it includes breakfast, lunch and dinner with a healthy menu)
  • 2 x Sessions with the Physiotherapist Doctor Garrod (optional*). Dr. Rachel Garrod is an internationally distinguished respiratory physiotherapist. She is a specialist in physical therapy for people with chronic respiratory and lung diseases. Before and after the programme, the patient has a physical examination and all the exercise stress test, muscle strength, blood pressure values and levels of oxygen in the blood are taken. This evaluation will help establish the specific objectives that are suitable for your state of health.

*Blood test is not included.

*Physiotherapy sessions with Dr. Garrod are not included.