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Thermas Hotel

Special Thermal Water Health Therapy for Skin Conditions

Skin is the largest organ of the body. It is our letter of introduction and we must look after it so that it looks good. However, nowadays due to different factors such as a poor diet, stress, too much sun, dehydration or an overload of toxins, skin conditions and diseases are becoming increasingly more common. A high percentage of the population suffers from rosacea, atopic dermatitis, psoriasis, urticaria, eczema, etc… Although they are not serious diseases, they cause a lot of discomfort, pain and even psychological problems because normally they are visible.

After numerous scientific studies about the properties of sulphur, mainly in the form of the active hydrogen sulphide (H2S) molecule in the sulphurous mineral waters, the treatment and the sulphurous water baths are believed to benefit immune-mediated disorders such as contact dermatitis, psoriasis and atopic dermatitis. The latest research carried out on the mineral sulphurous water points out that it also has an important role in regulating the skin’s immunity.

Given the therapeutic effect of the sulphurous waters that are used to treat the whole dermis, favour the regeneration and the healing of the skin, the team of doctors and specialists at Villa Padierna Thermas have come up with a specific Therapy for anyone who has skin problems.

Price 5 days / 4 Nights1.695 Euros/per person

The price of the stay is not included. Prices shown include VAT




2 x Medical Consultation

1 x Blood Test (Optional*)

5 x Thermal Water Circuit. Steam bath. It is kept at 45º C, with 100% humidity so that it has a powerful relaxing, vasodilator effect and it is highly recommended for respiratory diseases. Mineral-medicinal water pool sessions, Circular shower, Inhaler and Nebulizer water spray, Vichy shower.

5 x Hydromassage Tub. The Tub sequentially pulsates the flow of mineral-medicinal thermal water through its jets to massage and loosen tight muscles; this consequently produces a feeling of relaxation and well-being.

5 x Marble Bath. The hot and cold mineral-medicinal thermal water contrast bath therapy improves the circulation, cleans the tissues and reduces swelling. It also activates and stimulates the nervous system.

2 x Vichy Shower with Mineral-Medicinal Water for a Hydrating Massage or Aesthetic Peeling. According to medical prescription. Exfoliation under the Vichy shower with Mineral-Medicinal water that eliminate the impurities to make the skin smooth and clean.

2 x Hydrating Wrap. The algae firms up, remineralizes, stimulates and nourishes. When it is combined with a deep tissue massage it tones and moisturizes the skin.

1 x Relaxing Hydrating Massage

1 x Personalized Facial. After a skin diagnosis, the professional will decide on the right techniques and products to use for the ideal treatment that satisfies all your skin’s needs.

1 x Alpine Rose Treatment. The body peeling and wrap with Rhododendron and Swiss pine oil revitalizes cells, favours skin regeneration and improves the skin’s natural defences.

1 x Facial Flash Vitamins. Treatment that has a revitalizing effect thanks to the excellent dermo-functional substances; a powerful energy multivitamin complex and moisturizing active ingredients that tone, nourish and tighten the skin. It is ideal to enhance your complexion, revitalize and rejuvenate your skin.

4 x Nutritional therapy (it includes breakfast, lunch and dinner with a healthy menu).

*Blood test is not included.