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23, ene 2018

What is meditation and why is so important?

Meditation has important benefits for you mind and body.  Before starting, you have to learn the best techniques. The stress and the lack of healthy habits have a high impact in our organism that can be the cause of health problems like anxiety, depression or insomnia.

How can we end with this situation? Five minutes per day are the solution. The objectives are: clear your mind, control the breath, organize your thoughts and get the perfect balance of body and mind.


Many scientific studies support that meditation has a positive impact in the mood of a person, in the quality of happiness, in the attention and the memory. Even it can improve our immunologic system and decrease the pain, according to Emma Seppala from the Stanford University.

The practice of meditation techniques has a direct effect in the brain and it helps to develop the areas responsible for the positive emotions, the empathy and the solidarity.

The results of meditation are nearly immediate, and the improvement can be seen after the first session. However, constancy, dedication and patience are key.  Our recommendation is to choose the same hour every day for doing the exercises during some minutes. In this way, you can acquire the habit and it will be much easier.

To meditate, it is not necessary to be sit nor any special materials. Go for a walk, leave electronic devices aside, look around and breathe, clear your mind, sit down near a fountain and hear the water, lay down on a green area or on the beach…. And just meditate.

Do not miss our next post, where we will reveal our Meditation Guide for beginners.

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