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3, may 2018

Meditation Guide for beginners.

Now you know the benefits of the meditation and you want to start as soon as possible, but you don’t know how? Check our basic guide for beginners.

First we start with the preparation, you should consider aspects as:

Objective: Choose an achievable goal and work to reach it, star with something simple to work throw more complicate objectives. The meditation consists in relax and leave the daily stress to achieve a total balance.

No distractions: Avoid any type of distraction, above all when you are starting. Look for a relaxing place where you can concentrate, use a weak light and a smooth music to obtain the perfect atmosphere. Do not for get to switch off or silent any electronic device.

Zafú: Feeling comfortable during the meditation practice is essential. You can use a chair, pillows or a meditation cushion, also known as Zafú, to sit down in the floor in a comfortable way.

Comfortable Clothes: Use always loose clothes that doesn’t limit your movements. Choose sport wear of loose fabrics and breathable, the perfect outfit!

The best hour: There is no an exact hour to meditate, each person can choose it hour in base of the time and necessities. Remember to try to meditate always at the same time and place, especially at the beginning, in order to get the habit easier.

Alarm: To control the dedicated time for meditation, you can use a quiet alarm to advise when the end of the session is. In the case that you use music, a specific song can be the perfect moment to stop.

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Knowing how to use your body is basic:

The position: Find a comfortable position which you can maintain straight the back. This will help you to concentrate better in the breath and to be conscious of the inhalations and exhalations.

The hands:  you can put your hands on your legs, leave it on the side of the body or the most comfortable way for you.

Breathing: the experts recommends to do inhalations and exhalations through the nose, in a slow and conscious form. With this technique you will find easier the way to control the breath and facilitates the relaxation. By directing all the concentration in the respiration the thoughts will be disappearing.

Concentration: maintain the concentration is very complicated, above all when we are starting. Do not be so hard with yourself, a full relaxation mood is achieved with time and practice.


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