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Medical Wellness


Excess weight and obesity affect our lives and they are the cause of many of our health problems. The unrealistic weight loss expectations, the difficulties in changing habits, the impossible diets to follow on a daily basis, the feeling of previous failure of trying to lose weight, are some of the reasons why this kind of treatment is not successful.

In our Medical you will get advice on nutrition so that you can maintain your appropriate weight up to the preliminary evaluation that is needed before having surgery, in the event that this is necessary, such as for example, morbid obesity.

Our method is outstanding, but it is far from being a miracle diet and we do not give recommendations that are impossible to follow through.

Thanks to our excellent team of professionals, we provide unique, personalised and all-round advice on nutrition.

We focus on your individual case; we assess your habits, timetable, tastes and lifestyle and associate risk factors with any possible nutritional imbalances.




Endocrinology covers all the diseases caused by or associated with hormone alterations and internal secretion gland disorders.

What is more, it includes treating eating disorders such as obesity, or dealing with bad eating habits.