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Advice from Frederic Morlaix


Frederik Morlaix is a professional personal trainer; he has a Degree in Physical Activity from Lyon University, France. He specializes in physical training for footballers, golfers and tennis professionals all around the world.

He has more than 25 years’ experience in the sector, which has involved travelling to other countries such as the UK, the USA, Poland, Spain, Italy, Taiwan, New Zealand and Australia.

Some of the highlights of his professional career include his work with Malaga CF football club and his work with the WTA professional tennis player Aravane Rezai (ex nº 15) in the Australian open in 2012.

He was also the personal trainer during the second season of the TV Reality show « La Maison du bluff ».


During your stay you will lose weight and volume in a healthy and controlled way, to produce a satisfying feeling of well-being with the combination of healthy food, hydrothermal treatment and physical activity (Aqua fitness or personal training), adapted to your physical fitness and needs following the new CUATROFITNESS training method By Frederik Morlaix.

Personal training


It gives your exercise routine new challenges and it improves the way you keep your body fit and toned, it helps recover the right posture and it optimizes weight control.

Body Sculpt Pilates, stretching and training with CUATROMAT: a special type of training to improve joint mobility, balance, the nucleus and stability.

Specialised physical training that adapts to specific sports such as tennis, golf or football.

Personalized rehabilitation training depending on the type of lesion or medical condition (training in the swimming pool or the gym).


Aqua Fitness; Step; Mat; Stretching.

Duration 60 min
Price 100 EUR