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Medical Wellness


In a building inspired by a Palace in Tuscany, surrounded by works of art, is one of the biggest Spas of Europe. It covers more than 2000 square metres, with a marvellous Spa Circuit; there is a team of experienced therapists, a wide range of treatment with the latest equipment and a fully equipped gym, all this in Anantara Spa.

There are very few places in the world that give rise to so much serenity and beauty, where each corner is just waiting to be discovered. It is the perfect place to relax body and mind.


Anantara Spa


The Aromatic Spa Circuit, the only one in the Costa del Sol, consists in: three steam baths at different temperatures and with a variety of essential aromas, a hamman with sea salt, a Greek sauna, a Finnish sauna, and a dynamic heating swimming pool, a contrast pool, a flotarium and a Laconium.

 **Please note that the entrance to children under 16 is not allowed.
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Anantara Spa

Medical Wellness

The thirteen luxurious comfortable treatment rooms are fitted with the latest equipment to make your stay relaxing and restoring.

10 Treatment booths

2 Booths with tubs for an underwater massage

1 Shower jet


 **Please note that the entrance to children under 16 is not allowed.


Anantara Spa


Fully equipped with the latest technology in fitness and Technogym machine: Bike Forma, Synchro Forma, Spazio Forma, Excite + Recline or Element + Crunch Bench.

Our personal trainer, yoga or transcendental meditation monitors are available on request.