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Medical Wellness


The physiotherapist helps alleviate the symptoms of numerous conditions, both severe and chronic.

Our team of physiotherapists work on preventing, healing and alleviating the musculoskeletal system and posture problems. They will focus on alleviating the pain, stabilizing the injury and stop it getting any worse. Finally, they work on restoring movement and strength so that the patient recovers.

Session 30 min / Price 75 EUR

Session 60 min / Price 150 EUR

Medical Wellness


Osteopathy focuses on diseases that are caused by an alteration in the body’s structure, muscles, bones or other tissues.

It is a manual therapy that helps alleviate, correct and recover from musculoskeletal system lesions such as joint or muscle pains, osteoarthritis arising from sports injuries, post-surgery pain and also functional disorders such as digestive system problems, urinary incontinence, headaches and dizziness.

Session 30 min / Price 75 EUR

Session 60 min / Price 150 EUR