Official inauguration of the first two croquet courses in the province of Málaga


The Racquet Club of Villa Padierna has two croquet fields, open to the public since last August. 

The Racquet Club of Villa Padierna has two croquet fields, open to the public since last August. But it was not until December when they were inaugurated officially, in an act attended by Mr. José María García Urbano, Mayor of Estepona, Mr. Ricardo Arranz, president of Villa Padierna Hotels & Resorts, and Mr. Enrique Prado, representative of the Spanish Federation of Croquet. 

In his inaugural speech, the Mayor of Estepona emphasized how the two new croquet courts contribute and are in line with their strategy to transform Estepona into a sports and wellness reference within Spain. 

Also, with this inaugural act, the croquet solidarity tournament was started in favor of AMSUDAN, which was held on December 6, 7 and 8 in our facilities. In the competition, which was played in the Gold and Silver categories, more than fifty players from different parts of Spain participated. The entire collection of the tournament has been destined to the non-profit organization AMSUDAN, sponsoring projects in South Sudan. 

Tournament results: 

  • Gold category champions: Manolo Díaz Soto and Aurea Fernández de Villavicencio
  • Silver category champions: Mar del Camino and Pepe Riva

We take this opportunity to make a special mention and congratulate Mar del Camino, member of the Villa Padierna Racquet Club, and co-organizer of the tournament with Pilar Barbadillo. 

In addition to the competition, for a complete understanding of this sport, at the Villa Padierna Racquet Club we have two qualified teachers who will guide you through the croquet rules and techniques with the goal of enjoying the great game.